newcomers guide

Newcomer's Guide

The Mission of Resurrection Episcopal Church: 

"Restoring all people to unity with God and each other in Christ"

What you can expect from Resurrection:

  • to be welcomed for who you are
  • to find ways to grow, find what's important to you and get what you need here, and to help others do the same in fellowship and friend-making
  • to have opportunities to serve, and be called upon to serve together with others who come for an assortment of reasons
  • to worship with good music, the Word of God taught and preached, and Communion with God and one another in a space that is safe, clean, and set apart from the rest of life, a place for one to feel and experience God's presence
  • to be guided by decisions made in accordance with the church's mission

What you can not expect from Resurrection:

  • the church as perhaps you might wish we were... (You can expect that we are who we are; and you have a standing invitation if you do not see a ministry you wish that we were doing, to talk to our leaders about starting a ministry that accomplishes our goal of "reconciling all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.")
  • for people to know that you're facing something unless you share it... (You can expect that we will not know, and if you share, we will care as Christ cared for the suffering and afflicted.)
  • a church that is always free from conflict or disagreement... (You can expect at times that this church like any group of people or community will experience conflict and disagreement as did even the earliest churches in Paul's letters, and we have a wealth of history and wisdom to resolve conflict.)
  • a church that is always forward thinking... (You can expect at times we are not, and you are allowed to reach out to our leaders and share a broad and collective vision of the Kingdom of God.)
  • for there to always be coffee/social hour after church that is free from other programming... (Sometimes, instead of normal coffee hour or fellowship, we might have a program or study, and you are invited to join and be bored if you're bored as Eutychus was (Acts 20:9) or be inspired if you're inspired.)
  • for decisions which are made by the Vicar and the Bishop's Committee to be ones that you will always agree with... (You can expect that there will be some decisions that you will agree with and others that you may not, and you will be in formation with peers with whom you can discuss your frustration.)
  • for the ministry or role that you'd like to have at Resurrection to be the role or ministry we need at a particular time or that it even exists... (You can expect yourself to feel some disappointment, and if you see something that isn't happening in accordance with our mission but wish it was, talk to our leaders, who can coach you to get it started!)
  • for the church to have a full time priest... (You can expect that the financial and lived reality of church to complicate this desire, and still, we offer a wealth of leaders and congregants who offer their gifts.)

What Resurrection expects of you:

  • to come expecting to experience God, to come for the reasons you came, and help others do the same
  • to give of your time, talent, and money for the spread of the Good News of God through our church.
  • to give the gifts you choose to give without strings attached, without an eye for or hope of financial/material gain in return
  • to inform the clergy when you are sick and/or need immediate pastoral care (they do not know when you are in the hospital or ill unless told) and to tell others if you would like them to know as well
  • that when you feel "pinched" by something or someone in the church (something that bothers you) that you go to that person and resolve it within 24 hours (not letting it build up) and if that doesn't work ask a mutually trusted figure to help resolve it (this applies to relations with the Vicar,too)
  • that is there is a ministry idea that you have that accords with our mission ("to reconcile all people to unity with God and each other in Christ") that you start it by talking with the clergy

This guide was created to help our church family develop and love one another for who we really are (made in the image of God, and growing into the likeness of Christ.) It was first created first in 2013 and has been continually revised since then according to who we are and are becoming.

What the clergy can expect of you:

  • that you continue to cultivate a "partnership leadership" with them through the Bishop's Committee
  • that you attend worship regularly; and when you worship, that you come expecting to be in communion with God through the Word and Sacrament
  • that you give of your time, talent and treasure
  • that you directly go to someone if they "pinch" you and with in 24 hours address it, including Father Nathan

What you can expect of Father Nathan or Mother Marcia:

  • that they be present in our church life and ministry
  • that if Father Nathan or Mother Marcia are not leading worship because of other commitments or vacation, the Eucharist will be supplied by another priest in their place or with a service of Morning Prayer led by the Senior Warden.
  • that Father Nathan exercises his canonical authority, meaning he is in charge of worship and all ministries, the use and decoration of buildings and grounds, Chair of the Bishop's Committee, employer and manager of all other clergy and lay staff, coach of the Primary Ministry Team, responsible for all contractual agreements that Resurrection enters into, and serves as the official liaison with the lease and license holders of our campus.
  • that there are some things you can not expect of the clergy, such as starting ministries that you wish were happening in or with our church but are not at this time (provided it accords with our mission, Father Nathan can help you get it if the one you wish we had does not yet exist.)
  • that if you contact the clergy and ask to meet with them that they'll meet with you by appointment, most likely on a Sunday afternoon, weekday, or evening.