newcomers welcome

Open and Affirming, Welcoming Everyone

Not only does The Episcopal Church accept and welcome a wide range of theological ideas and thoughts, we also accept and affirm "the dignity of every human being." 

It saddens us that, throughout our history, the Christians have discriminated against particular groups.  Here is how we operate:

  • In our church, women and men are of equal worth and dignity , and have full access to all orders of ministry.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons are likewise full and equal members of our church, and likewise have full access to all orders of ministry.

Come and See

Our faith in God strengthens us, and our church is a community. 

Our worship (or “liturgy”) each Sunday is deeply rooted in the Christian experience across two millennia. 

The only way to know what Episcopalians believe is to come worship with us and see for yourself. We invite you to pray with us, consider and ponder the lessons of the Holy Scriptures, sing with us, find a place with us at God's table this Sunday.

Our church as an organization – from the national governing structure all the way to the individual parish – is run by lay people and clergy working together, making decisions together, through open and democratic process. We have no high council, no infallible leaders, and no elite ruling class.

We’re all in this together.