Glen Gullickson

10 January 2023
2 months ago
My wife and I used the food bank there today. First time ever doing something like that! The staff was so helpful and the food we received will go such a long w...
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Mecedes Lastra

14 October 2022
5 months ago
Muy especial

Marsha Keene

02 June 2022
10 months ago
House of God. Please know this church is real. The word of God, our heavenly Father's house.

Randy Miller

25 January 2021
2 years ago

cathy sue

26 December 2020
2 years ago
A nice friendly Church the people are very nice the pastor is great makes for it enjoyable service

jeanette marshall

29 November 2020
2 years ago

William Livingston

05 July 2020
3 years ago
Was at there Food Pantry, Everyone gets a big bag of Food. Meat, Vegetables, Bread Dry Goods Etc.

Rodney E Oliver, Sr

27 May 2020
3 years ago
What a wonderful church where you always feel welcome.

Gail Gregorio

22 March 2020
3 years ago

Andrew Reeves

20 March 2020
3 years ago

Tim Wilmet

23 February 2020
3 years ago
Open people with open arms


09 February 2020
3 years ago
Pick.up my granddaughters from Plato Academy.

Terry Gill

16 January 2020
3 years ago

Bob Maschin

29 December 2019
3 years ago
Welcoming place, not high church & Fr. Nathan has a friendy approach to all. Give them a try.

Maria Mccray

04 November 2019
3 years ago

Octaverie Hall

22 October 2019
3 years ago

Duane Wright

15 October 2019
3 years ago

Kym Gerlick

09 October 2019
3 years ago

Jerome Sleva

05 September 2019
4 years ago

Kristin Nicole Wilkinson

25 June 2019
4 years ago

Lazaro Ivan Gonzalez

12 May 2019
4 years ago

Michael E Doane

30 April 2019
4 years ago
Visited the food bank there today to help my son's family, the volunteer staff there are wonderful

Joy Harris

08 April 2019
4 years ago

Jennifer Lewis

02 January 2019
4 years ago

Allan Tremmel

30 December 2018
4 years ago
Friendly people and caring clergy..

Sharon Gonzalez

08 December 2018
4 years ago
People here are so loving and what you should expext when you go to a church for help. Very kind loving and God filled people. Too bad Everybody wasn t like the...
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Karl Cieslak

16 April 2018
5 years ago
Wonderful small church where you are a part of a larger family.

Bill Mitchell

28 July 2017
6 years ago
Great Church. Great group of people

Sue Andres

23 April 2017
6 years ago
Wonderful caring Christian community. Fr Nathan is such a blessing to this congregation. All are welcome. If you are looking for a church family try them out.

Debra thompson

16 August 2016
7 years ago
Helping feed low income people a true blessing

Robert Charles Sullivan

21 January 2016
7 years ago

Roger Brown

18 June 2015
8 years ago
My wife and I wanted to try were raised Catholic but we just haven't agreed with the church's stance on a lot of issues, especially divorce which I went through...
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